Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creature redesigns

This is an early piece I did a while ago that I loved (and apparently so did alot of people) on Deviantart. I love classic Pinup art and creature design so this was kind of the best of both worlds. :D When you get the chance stop by my site Here, which is older, but has more art and check my newer DA located here where I'll be posting newer pencils and sequentials. But I update both frequently

Hi Guys and Welcome!

This is my first Blog, I hope you guys enjoy. I've never done anything quite like this so the whole experience will be a learning one. I'll do my best to express what I've learned and gained from the years, hopefully you can enjoy my rants and ravings as I head on my way to becoming a professional comic book artist. So thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my art, and I hope you enjoy the ride.