About Me

Introducing Mike J.C., a name synonymous with artistic prowess. With a passion for illustration that knows no bounds, Mike has made his mark in the world of freelance artistry. As you'll see from his portfolio, he has an innate comfort with black & white illustration, comics, and the enchanting realm of chicks and Pin-Ups. Armed with two Fine Arts degrees, he's embarked on a creative journey that's as captivating as his artwork.

Mike's journey began in the realm of freelancing, where his unique style garnered well-deserved attention. His talents have graced the pages of industry titans such as Antarctic Press, Archie Comics, BlueWater, and Oni Press Productions. Notably, he's lent his skills as a penciler to iconic projects like the Madonna and Drake bio comics.

Beyond the strokes of his pen, Mike's story is relatable to many—a tale of pursuing dreams while navigating the world of student loans. Through dedication and skill, he's transformed this journey into a testament to artistic excellence.
If you would like to know prices and availability, or would just like to talk about art :) feel free to contact me at mjcurry7294@yahoo.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikejcart/

twitter : https://twitter.com/MikeJCART