Sunday, December 9, 2018

Artist Influence: Robaatox

More digital practice. now I'm doing OCs of artists that are actual influences on me and my "style". this one is @robaatox on twitter and his character Rai. Robaato is signal handedly one of my biggest influences by someone who isn't a comic artist. I've followed him for just under 15 years. He used to help me out a lot, but he stopped talking to me ages ago (i think he ignores people who aren't mutals nowadays since he's really popular now) but my coloring, lineart, anatomy, composition. is all heavily inspired by him.

I've been chasing this man for over a decade lol

He's the Goku to my Vegeta

the Ryu to my Ken

the Yusuke Urameshi to my Kazuma Kuwabara

I love his work and hope to one day catch up to him

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