Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kickin New Batman page

Heres a new page I did for a contest a few weeks ago, nothing spectacular... But I thought it was a good way to stretch the ol' sequential art muscles :) Also, I made a very radical and subtle change to the script cause at one point in the comments of the contest page, he said it didnt matter what costume batman had. I took this opportunity to finally draw one of my favorite things, BATMAN BEYOND!!! to say im a BB fan is the understatement of the century, in the real world, i wouldn't have done this, or at least asked the editor if it was okay, but it was for a little contest, with no real prize, i thought id have a little fun. Well wish me luck guys and most importantly... enjoy :)


  1. Hey, saw your stuff on Penciljack and really liked it. I would have post over there but Symson seemed to rip you a new one and I don't want to start a flame war between an amateur writer and a professional artist.

    That said, I disagree with everything he said. I dont think you need an establishing shot if A. the script does not call for one, B. the page is indeed page y of an XYZ scene and C. because the readers will figure out the setting and sometimes we like to feel as the criminal does...having no idea where Batman is hiding.

    I do not agree with editing a writer because you don't feel the story-telling is good. I like people who follow directions even if it's for a contest with no prize. I don't like to sit back and let the artist do all the work in setting scene, pacing, tone, or choreography. I think things like the two kicks could be important (ie. Terry complains about sore legs in he next issue). I feel it pretentious to add/subtract things without the writer/editors express permission.

    I don't think transition panels are necessary. Its not a flip book, its a freeze frame of the best parts of the fight (the two kicks). The readers can go from A to B in their imaginations.

    I really liked the detail in the bad guys face as his mask breaks. I loved that you did not do a boxy piece as if on a page but add some style to the relationship of the panels as a whole. I do agree with the perspective issues.

    I hope to see more of your stuff in the future!

  2. Swoeet, thanks alot man, I'll keep working, and hopefully I'll get better soon.