Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Incredibles: Awesome'd out

Im gonna start a new section combining my 2 favorite things... Redesigns and stories, and theres nothing I like more than taking characters and that arent really dark or creepy that I like and making them feel Awesome and Epic like Joss Weadon or Geoff Johns had written them... From now these shall be called... "Awesomed out" designs... cause I love that word :)

10 years have passed and Metroville is about to celebrate its annual ceremony of the Infamous attack of the Omnidroid. Renowned worldwide for reintroducing the world to the importance of the supers, and most significantly to earth’s premier and most famous team… The Incredibles.

With the aid of the supers and the Incredibles, earth celebrates an almost utopia of peace and prosperity. Even among the family of the Parrs. Dash, ever the youthful spirit, is growing faster, breaking the speed of sound twice, it is highly predicted that if he continues his rate of growth he could be one of the fastest speedsters in recent history . Violet, grown more confident and assured of her self from years fighting crime with the family, is preparing to leave home, looking forward to college lifestyle and not living under the familiy’s shadow. Mr. and Mrs. Parr couldn’t be happier seeing the kids go into the family business, training them, teaching them. All seems well in the Parr household…

Except for Jack-Jack…

Over the last 10 years, Jack-Jack has proved to be a wildcard in many of family’s battles. His powers have maxed out any in recorded history, and growing… His abilities display almost cosmic levels. However, this gift… Is also killing him. In a few months time, meta human doctors say his powers could overload causing one of two things, he turns into a black hole, destroying 43% of the galaxy or he’ll explode, destroying 98% of it. Faced with this horrible news, the team decides to continue with business as usual until they can find a solution

After saving the city with the aid of Frozone on the eve of the anniversary, they are attacked by another omnidroid… Long seasoned and battle hardened since their first encounter years long-ago, they make short work of the relic from their past. However, as Frozone inspects the fallen machine, it explodes, horrifically scaring and destroying much of his face and right arm. As other supers rush to get him medical attention a holographic message appears. The shadowy figure speaks…

“Remember Incredibles… When everyone’s super…Everyone’s dead”

and thus the shadowy figure’s image turns into clock



a countdown..?

The Incredibles don’t speak, for the horrible truth of their long dead foe, clearly not deceased, hits them like a ton of bricks. Having Edna trace the message to its origins, they are met with a horrific discoveries… thousands of distress calls from around the universe, all in alien languages they couldn’t understand, screaming, in pain, murdered, and destroyed… only one word common in all the alien distressed messages… but what did it mean, what was all of this?

From what Bob could put together, Syndrome had been brought back to life by some alien; enhancing him, making him seemingly bigger, stronger…

Frozone, not one to stay out of a fight for too long, quickly has Edna redesign him protective armor, to help protect his body while it heals, but also support him so he can stand against the upcoming threat with his fellow supers, and the Incredibles…

But with Jack-Jack dying, an injured Frozone, an ominous countdown, and an old foe seemingly back from the dead… what does this mean, and if someone were powerful enough to bring back Syndrome and seemingly bring him back more mighty than before…then how powerful must this new foe be… and more importantly, could they stop him?

And that simple word, that simple alien word repeated over and over again, screamed in fear and pain, what did it mean?


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