Friday, February 18, 2011


So... yeah... I finally sit down and watched Twilight... My God! how do you girls live with yourselves dragging your boyfriends to see these. Now ive read all the books (dont ask, lets just leave it at not having a girlfriend leaves me with alot of free time) and my only problem with them was that Meyer was a skilled writer, this series just wasent meant for my kind i.e. anyone with a penis. Not liking the books, i saw little point to seeing a water down version of it.

I should have listened to my first mind.

The movie itself is alright, the characters are fine, and Edward is just an unrealistic (and quite frankly creepy )adolescent geek girl fantasy. Hell us guys even have female equivalents . I even thought its action sequences were ... tolerable.

NO, 99.99346% of the problem with this movie is this little tart right here

Bella is the most annoying, selfish, and bratty film character in the history of cinema. Let me get this right, you've got two powerful, sexy (no homo) and somewhat clingy guys madly in love with you and a decent upper middle class life, with plenty, PLENTY, of friends...AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO WINE ABOUT HOW BORING AND LAME YOUR LIFE IS!!!!!!

so yeah, i wasn't a fan of the character and since she is 99.99346% of the movie, by osmosis, I didnt like it either. This educational film does put it far better than i ever could.

Since ive spent the best part of this blog complaining about things I dont like, lets go over things I do like:

*The Flash
*Things that are Epic
*Things that make me say AWESOME!!! (cause it annoyed the living hell out of one girl I once dated)
and ummmm *boobs

well, till next week guys


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