Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stupid Snow Days

Yea... Ive got a strange sense of humor, I blame this weird Texas weather. Its been snowing and uhhh "ice-ing" for like 4 whole days. meaning ive been going crazy inside the house more than usual. So I mainly just draw and watch movies with the rest of the family a.k.a. "cant be quite and not talk during any movie people". But last night I was talking to one of my friends on the time suck which is Facebook and she commented on the fact I need to get out more (no car or girlfriend with car can do that)... Im famous among my friends for drawing and practicing till my eyes run red :P She recommend this whole go out have fun and draw about what happens.. it will be fun.

Well, after I deleted her from my friends list i decided to give it a try.

I made it 2 steps out before I decided to go back in my house and just watch Ip Man 2, back to the future part 3, and just draw.Well there ya go, and thus another week goes by being stuck in the house without seeing another person my age (going on 2 now) or work. Im gonna have to get paying work soon to fuel my sexy anime versions of superheroes statues addiction; at least some work will get rid of the boredom.

Incidentally, I'm almost done with the collaborative project Ive been working on with this writer and should be able to put up pages soon

Well, back to practice

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