Saturday, April 1, 2017

Journal 54

Today a local branch of private business “Ididian industries” had their planned ceremony honoring the fallen during last week’s chemical disaster. Damages are currently estimated to be in the billions and loss of life was estimated to be at least 500 people.
When asked for a statement regarding why so many people were there at one time to begin with, the head of Ididian could not be reached. However his son Thomas Ididian, gave a press statement to our editor explaining that the company was trying to restructure my reorganizing its personnel.
In the statement Thomas Ididian explains that the families of each of the deceased would be graciously compensated and all children of the fallen, and will be automatically entered into the prestigious “Ididian Scholarship foundation”. When asked about raw numbers, Thomas Ididian went on record as saying “While I can’t go into that here, just trust that the families and loved ones of will be generously compensated as a sign of good faith by our founder and company. Considering all employees had to sign a “life weaver” agreement, we feel this charity to be more than efficient.”
As known to many here, when the mysterious Ididian Co. opened its doors here, it was met with heavy criticisms of their extremely worded NDAs, however since opening its doors has brought an estimated 2,000 jobs to the area and also heavily lower taxes.
The ceremony was held at “Ididian presents Johnson Football stadium” where the families of those lost were seated in the lower seats. The names of all 498 known dead, and a moment of silence for those still missing.
Near the conclusion of the ceremony a large drawing of a girl was brought out, it was explained that the girl, a one Caitlyn Josie Lechaim a.k.a. “C.J.” to her friends, gave her life to save countless more during the chemical disaster. Thomas explained that C.J. would be remembered for her hard work and bravery by framed prints of these drawings placed in every Ididian building with the quote “No piece, too small in the puzzle”
The Purple Heart for bravery, along with a framed copy of the original drawing, was given by a one Captain C. Montgomery Maul to the Mother and brother of C.J. They both declined a comment.
The last to speak was the artist of the piece, Emily Foure, whom took the podium to speak, merely saying

“See ya soon C.J.”

When asked later to clarify her statement, she declined comment.

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