Sunday, February 12, 2017

Journal 11

My name is [redacted] I work for Ididian Containment as a low level security officer. To pass the time I've been making these journals during shifts, little sketches of what I see here every night.

If you are reading this, something has happened to me...
And you are in grave danger.

Journal 11


Jim and I were checking on Contained #132; it’s been all bloated and crying lately. A far cry from the asshole that tried to kill my ass a few days ago; pretty sure it just ate one too many pigs… when out of F’in nowhere a bunch of the SRC (Supernatural Response and Capture) dudes come into the Containment unit and pistol whip the shit out of Jim. I tried to fight them off (4 on one is not a fair fight and then out of nowhere Captain C. Montgomery Maul grabs me by the throat and choke slams me.
“This is above your pay grade rookie, just remember we have rules at Ididian, and this little creepy fucker broke them in the worst way.”

After that they dragged Jim’s unconscious and bloody body away.

I sit there, licking my wounds, with only the moans of Containted #132 to fill the emptiness of the halls…

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