Friday, February 24, 2017

Journal 23

My name is [redacted] I work for Ididian Containment as a low level security officer. To pass the time I've been making these journals during shifts, little sketches of what I see here every night.

If you are reading this, something has happened to me...
And you are in grave danger.
Journal 23
Scientists needed me to help escort what I thought was a jar of water; turns out it was one of our more dangerous contained. After we got the jar to the lower floors they let me take a look at it through one of their powerful microscopes.
This is Contained #22, another one of our earlier Contained; captured by the corporation in the late 1980s, this is the last of a series of viruses kept in containment. To date Contained #29 has caused countless deaths, totaling in the trillions. The Ididian co. isolated the virus and was able to destroy it using a combination of heat, [redacted], and vaccinations. All but this single cell remains for study.

However should this cell be released into the environment it could cause apocalyptic damage.
Eggheads told me that instants of the virus have appeared throughout history; going by the names Ebola, [redacted], Marburg, Hantavirus, Lassa, Smallpox, [redacted], Influenza, and the black plague.
When I asked why they were moving contained #22, they said to make room, they noticed my dumbfounded look and added…

“You haven’t heard? They’re transferring the Big Sisters from our sister locations…”
“Big Sisters”?
“Sister locations”?

What is going on? 

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