Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 7

My name is [redacted] I work for Ididian Containment as a low level security officer. To pass the time I've been making these journals during shifts, little sketches of what I see here every night.

If you are reading this, something has happened to me...
And you are in grave danger.
Journal 7:
Pretty boring day,while waiting of the eggheads to feed Contained #12445 I decided to sketch my supervisor Jim while he was doing some paperwork. Says he’s been here for about 24 years now. Seems to love it here and helping others understand the Containments more than anything; now that I think about it Ive never once heard him call them monsters or freaks like other personal. Jim [redacted] used to own a small animal sanctuary. The [redacted] animal Sanctuary came under fire after one of the employees was found having “relations” with the baby animals. They found one of the puppies [redacted] with its [redacted] in [redacted] in the corner of its [redacted] [redacted] . After [redacted] city council shut them down, Jim met with the founder of the Ididian Containment Corporation, Mr. [redacted] (I haven’t gotten the chance to meet him yet), he explained he wanted his expertise in taking care of some of the more unique “containments”. He’d lost everything, this was a fresh start.
The rest as they say is history.
Jim’s shift covers some of the higher level contained; but mostly involves training the newbies like me. He sometimes seems rather awkward around us other security guards, but seems really chill around even some of the scarier contained.
Man walks among the scariest sons of bitches on earth, doesn’t even think twice…

Guess he finally found his sanctuary…

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