Monday, March 20, 2017

Journal 45

Ididian Incident report form:
[Please do not sign above this line]
The following report is for incident # 8542, hereby known as “No Zero days”
Since Ididian 7 lost all power during this time no security footage could be found, so we will be having our onsite artist depict the events to hopefully show a clearer time line of what transpired.
Survivor 10
Interviewer : Please state your occupation.
Survivor 10: huh, why? Who are you?
I: This is for the record Mr. Jim [redacted]
S10: I see, well, I was a supervising security guard, level high… After a situation came up, I was demoted to sanitation at Ididian 8.
I: I see, it says you… [Interviewer pauses] you [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] several contained? How are you even still with this company?
S10: being Friends with the head of Ididian has its benefits.
I:Uh huh, and where were you when the event known as “No Zero days” began?
S10: I was brought back to Ididian 7 to help with the waste of Big Sister 11 (the giant one) as several of the recent pigs she had eaten had given her diarrhea. When the shutdown happened I just happened to be in a safe room cleaning myself off from one of her recent messes. I was there for several days with 4 other survivors.
I: Did anything of note happen?
S10: yea, a few days in, these 2 fellas knocked down our door while fighting 2 of the big sisters--
I: Fighting?
S10: yea, Big Sister 12, the robot, and the one made of hornets--
I: Big Sister 9?
S10: yea, that’s the one. So these two were brawling with them and --
I: Can you describe the combatants?
S10: ummm yea, one guy had these big ol’ gloves on and goggles and was shooting like, lasers maybe, from his hands. The other was a short half orc half elf girl with huge honkers. I’ve handled enough contained to recognize a half breed when I see one. They were wearing what seemed to be variations of the SRC uniforms, I assumed since we were in lockdown they must be part of “the unit” I’d never seen them before, but I’d heard stories. You know them?
I: one of them, unfortunately, yes. Please continue?
S10: The one with the laser hands kept blasting the hornet creature till it dissipated and the remaining hornets fled. I noted that he was counting, like counting really fast, as he was killing the hornets, I’m not sure why. The short Halfling was fighting the robot one and managed to overpower it by punching its lower body clean through and rip its head off. Afterwards, the combatants apologized for smashing down our door and offered to escort us to another safe room. On the way, the short orc/elf girl asked me if I had seen Captain C. Montgomery Maul--
I: First Lieutenant…
S10: demoted huh? Anyway, she asked me if I had seen him. I replied that I had not; she then asked if I knew how to get the R&D floor. I gave her the directions I remembered from when I used to work there and she thanked me. They got us to another safe room that had some people in it already that let us in and they left.
I: Did she tell you why they needed to get to the R&D floor or why they were looking for Maul?
S10: No, no they did not.
I: That will be all, you’ve been very cooperative, and I’ll see if maybe I can get you better accommodations when all this is sorted out as a thank you for your compliance.
S10: I don’t really give a shit about that, I got what I deserved, but there was a kid I used to work, low level security guard, named J.C... You find ‘em? Are they okay?
I: Many, Many, many people made it out alive thanks to the safe rooms; is this personal phone number on file?
S10: the 257 number? Yes.
I: If I hear anything I’ll give you a call, but if you hear anything from other survivors about First Lieutenant Maul, call me, [interviewer hands survivor 10 a card], deal?
S10: deal… J.C. was a good kid, wanted to be an artist of all things, just hope everything turned out okay for ‘em.

“No Zero day” death count is estimated to be 324 and 146 Contained at this point.

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