Friday, March 3, 2017

Journal 29

My name is [redacted] I work for Ididian Containment as a low level security officer. To pass the time I've been making these journals during shifts, little sketches of what I see here every night.

If you are reading this, something has happened to me...
And you are in grave danger.
Journal 29
Big Sister 7
Out of Sick bay finally, had to stay overnight. After yesterday’s unpleasantness Big sister 8 caused me.
Today we got in Big Sister 7 from Ididian building 9, this branch of the corporation deals in more supernatural contained. (As evidenced I guess by the fact Sister 7 was brought in with nuns and several clergymen)

Despite its looks Big Sister 7 is not just a statue, it from what best the teams can put together is a cursed woman taking the form of the Golem of [redacted] and Jewish myth. I wish I could say this is where the weird parts stopped but, well…
Big sister 7 was found in [redacted] in the winter of [redacted] by two homeless men believing it to be a god known as [redacted] [redacted]. After building a church based around sister 7 they discovered one of her unique abnormalities. She absorbs those that do not believe in the [redacted] faith into her skin; only level 3 or higher personnel or to be within 4 meters of her due to this. This is not an ability she controls however. To date this would explain the disappearance of several hundred missing persons in the area of [redacted] where it was originally found.  It was discovered the original heads of the church were disposing of “non-believers” by forcing them to merge with Sister 7. As this turns the person’s body and soul (as one of the nuns explained to me) to the stone like material Big Sister 7 is made of.
Funny, it says here when she was first found by the homeless men she was 5’4 in height. The creature I drew was at least 8 feet tall; the notes say Sister 7 only gains mass, never reducing it.
She was found by SRC (Supernatural Response and Capture) agents after several reports of moaning and crying from the “Chruch of [redacted] “these idiots started around Big sister 7. Apparently the act of “merging” causes her great pain. The SRC caught the two men trying dispose of bodies in Big Sister 7 and “handled” them. Funny enough this mission was led by Captain Maul.
Luckily she was merely brought in just to be on the safe side, like Big Sister 8. Although outside of the name and number I don’t understand what this creature has to do with the other Big Sisters…
Oh also, Sister 7 has the ability to speak, or rather emit a noise that sounds similar to spoken English language. To date she’s only said two words and that was to Captain C. Montgomery Maul and his unit the day they saved her from the two crazy church guys.

“Thank you”.

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