Saturday, March 25, 2017

Journal 49

Ididian Incident report form:
[Please do not sign above this line]
The following report is for incident # 8542, hereby known as “No Zero days”
Since Ididian 7 lost all power during this time no security footage could be found, so we will be having our onsite artist depict the events to hopefully show a clearer time line of what transpired.

Survivor report 14
[at 21:00 after cleaning and investing the surrounding area of Ididian 7 several burnt papers and a journal were found. Interviewer #14324 was immediately notified; the Journal contained the following drawings (cleaned up for note purposes) and Journal entries. These Journal entries will hereby be known “The Ididian Journals” They will be redacted and sent to next of kin if no body or survivor is found of a one C.J. Lechaim. This was the last entry in the journal…]

Journal 49
This is it, The Unit have gotten in, (looks like Maul wasn’t going crazy, son of a bitch really had a black ops team, owe him a drink if we get through this) It’s all led to this, we’ve been in this hell for what seems like a week, helping any and all we could on the way. Sister #1 has created some creature named Big Sister #0; she used the same process that Ididian used to create herself for catching other contained, but Maul says she twisted it to make something more powerful and horrifying. If that thing manages to get to the roof and get into the population, that’s the end of everything… Me, Gerald, and Johnny (the SRC agent we met) are to protect Big Sister #4, no, I mean Emily. Everything revolves around getting her that damn pencil. Damn fate of the world falls on the shoulders of a young girl, and a damn pencil.
I don’t get it, but she can’t draw without it for some reason, apparently Sister #1 knows this… Im sure it has something to do with her confidence or something, but this poor girl has been through and seen so much I can’t begin to figure how to help her. This might be the best idea we got.
After we get it, M--
[Burns on the pages make this part unreadable]
Then maybe I can leave this place with a nice severance package (imagine that huh lol).
Okay, Maul is in mental contact with some woman named “Ms. Hammerhead” (I just cannot get used to her talking into my head) they are about to head out. Me and Gerald are gonna get Emily to the roof; Johnny is gonna cover us till we make it. Gotta try to avoid the middle floors again (after almost losing Maul and Gerald to whatever was on floor 18 we gotta avoid it like crazy) and take the outside stairs to the roof. Someone named “Ms. Brickhouse” is gonna (punch?) a hole to the outside on floor 13 where the metal surrounding the building is weakest to get us outside. There Maul is going to pass off the pencil and we go from there.

Well I guess that’s it… I’m leaving this here, honestly didn’t think I would survive this long… Actually, none of us should have survived this long, even Maul (although I’m sure he’ll never admit it) without us all working together. All those who gave everything to get us to this point; like Elev-- Sam and the others, gotta make sure they didn’t die for nothing.
Decided to calm my nerves by doing one more drawing, one of Maul… I find it endlessly funny that the man doesn’t see himself as the badass hero he really is. Hell, ya know what, guess I’ll finally put my signature on this one, never put them on the other damn ones, why not. lol

Funny enough, I find myself mostly thinking, not of my family, my current situation, or even about my life, but of my puppy, Daisy… I hope the auto feeder lasted this whole time… Probably thinks I abandoned her… Just hope maybe Mrs. Bethal came to collect rent or check on me or something and found her…(I kinda miss Mrs. Bethal’s nosiness now and always checking in on me haha)

Funny the things we think of at the end huh?

Anyway, love you Mom, and tell Harry to go back to school, I might not say it enough, but I hope he knows that w-- no, I believe in him…

Love, C.J. Lechaim

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