Sunday, March 26, 2017

Journal 50

Ididian Incident report form:
[Please do not sign above this line]
The following report is for incident # 8542, hereby known as “No Zero days”
Since Ididian 7 lost all power during this time no security footage could be found, so we will be having our onsite artist depict the events to hopefully show a clearer time line of what transpired.
Survivor report 15
[ at 21:30 while cleaning the rooftop area of Ididian 7, the following drawing was found.]
Interviewer: for the record, I want to point out the drawing appears to be of Big Sister #3 fighting Big Sister #0; however it should be noted the style is different from the other “The Ididian Journals” entries… Something is on the back…

[at this point interviewer drops the drawing]
I: for the record, the image was not drawn by missing artist C.J. Lechaim… the back says…

“for C.J.
Thank you for showing me I was more than just a “Big Sister”
 I’ll never forget you.
-Emily “

“No Zero days” death count is estimated to be 499 and 183 Contained at this point.

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